Grandad's Wor​kshop

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                                                     About Grandad's Workshop

  1. My Philosophy and Background
    Our journey through life is somewhat likened to a body of water. We start off bright, shallow and bubbly, crashing our way down a mountain crevasse, not a care in the world, searching all paths. As we forge our purpose and destination we straighten out, becoming more focused, until we approach a time in life where speed no longer matters and we meander along, at a slower pace; deep and rich with the fruits of experience of life. That’s called retirement. Apart from geography at school, my love was in the practical form of woodwork and metalwork where I found that I had more ability. I realised quickly that I gained immense satisfaction from making a beautiful object out of a block of wood or a load of scrap metal. Serving a five-year apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer gave me a path, a way of expressing my ideas, like a writer puts down thoughts on paper. I form a design in my mind and create it in my workshop.
  2. My Designs and Creations
    Having the need to keep the mind and hands active, my retirement finds pleasure in the world of recycled materials. So much of what we throw away is perfectly good and can be transformed into desirable objects to compliment any home, office or school. My hobby in the workshop finds me producing unique designed shelves, wooden hanging fish wall art, quirky tables, Dr Who police boxes, mud and play kitchens for little adults and anything my recycling skills conjure up.
  3. Doggy Ramps
    I had an enquiry from the owner of a small Dachshund, who likes to sit next to their owner on the couch. The small dog could not manage to climb up onto the furniture so I was asked to build a ramp giving easy access for the dog, up and down the ramp. Problem solved. The little dog loves it! It was such a success that the owner asked if I would make an outdoor ramp so doggy could get access to and fro from the garden without jumping down the 10" step. I now make a selection of these ramps, in different sizes as they prove to be popular with small dog breeds.
  4. Mud/Texture Kitchens
    I specialise in ‘mud/texture’ kitchens, having supplied to various schools. I make double and single size versions, some with hobs and play ovens which give children many hours of educational play, teaching them conversational and problem solving skills, improving fine motor control and social skills like team building and also gaining Ofsted approval for promoting active learning. All units are made with attention given to every detail to ensure that they are safe (no sharp edges or harsh corners) and exactly the right height.
  5. A Large Project!
    My largest build to date is a beautiful garden summer house made from twenty recycled pallets, built at a fraction of the cost of a showroom original. See the pictures in the Gallery.
  6. Your Designs
    Please take the time to browse my website, perhaps it will inspire you and give your own ideas. You may need one of my creations or you may have a design yourself that you wish to have made. I also make bespoke pieces and unique ‘one offs’. Please contact me if I can be of assistance to you.