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Doggy Ramps
I had an enquiry from an elderly owner of a small Dachshund, who likes to sit next to their owner on the couch. The dog had just had an operation for IVDD and could not manage to climb up onto the furniture, so I was asked to build a ramp giving easy access for the dog, up and down the ramp. Problem solved. The little dog loves it, and the easy trot up and down prevents any further damage to the hips or joints.

I made it from natural wood so it would blend in with the decor. It was such a success that the owner asked if I would make an outdoor ramp so doggy could get access to and fro from the garden without jumping down the 10" step.

I now make a selection of these ramps, in different sizes as they prove to be popular with small dog breeds.
They are so superior to the rubbish that's on sale in many major pet stores; those ramps seem to be made of plastic, cheaply made but not cheap to buy, costing upwards of £60+ for a build it yourself kit. Have a browse below and contact me to discuss your bespoke requirements for your precious pooch!
  1. 32cm Doggy Ramp
    32cm Doggy Ramp
    32cm high natural wood doggy ramp with dark grey luxury carpet Price: £49.99
  2. 32cm Doggy Ramp
    32cm Doggy Ramp
    32cm high natural wood doggy ramp in shocking pink for maximum impact! Price: £55
  3. 40cm Doggy Ramp
    40cm Doggy Ramp
    40cm high natural wood doggy ramp with luxury carpet in a choice of colours. Price for this size: £59.99
  4. Outdoor/patio door Doggy Ramp
    Outdoor/patio door Doggy Ramp
    Built to fit your door in natural, weather resistant wood. Prices vary. This size (22cm high, 40cm wide) is £55